Interview with DAVID, ANDREW and TY

Interview by Aya Cuzner / Intro Crap by The Most Exalted Bishop Booger-X

Say… Where’s the keg at this big ol’ jamboree? Need some fruit punch with that vodka? Line for the pisser too long? Ehhhh, just piss your undies, who cares??? It’s a PARTY! And with that, Thee Boogaloo’s most ace surf-rats are back for their biggest bang! Legendary slosh-punk! Next-Gen Budge Goonery! Dudes On Fungus! Yessss indeed — These Traditional Fools remain as damp and shaggy as ever, maybe even stickier, after all deez years. Geared toward whippin’ around the room (or park, in this case) all the live-long day/night/morning/etc, that’s their shit. Yeah yeah, they’re total dreamboats too. That helps! Miss Boss Lady Aya sat ‘em all down for some beefy Q&A, but the real DIRT will be dished out @ The Boogaloo. Be sure you get close enough to lick the sweat from their brows!

How did you all meet?

DAVID: Andrew and I met either skating or at a show. We played in a band for a hot minute when we were in high school and both loved THE FALL, BILLY CHILDISH and the first EP and LP from REDD KROSS. I met Ty at the Laguna Beach senior prom and we twisted to untwistable music.

ANDREW: We all grew up a town apart from each other in Southern California and all kinda met each other separately, just through being into music. We didn’t become really good friends until we all separately moved to San Francisco. None of us had many friends in the Bay so we started hangin’ a ton and started this band!

TY: Hmmm…I met Dave at my high school prom and met Andrew at a show...We all became good friends after moving to San Francisco. Drew was the only person I knew who had also moved to The City and he was good friends with Dave. Dave and Drew knew each other from back in the day. We all loved THE FALL, BILLY CHILDISH and surf music.

How old were you guys when you started the Traditional Fools?

DAVID: Ty and I were 18 and drew was 19.

ANDREW: 18 and 19. David and I played music together before that in High School. 

TY: We were either 18 or 19.... probably 19! 

You guys played a lot of small shows and house shows where there was basically nothing separating you and the audience. It created an intimate atmosphere you all seemed to enjoy. What do you think the Burger Boogaloo set will be like? And have the Traditional Fools ever played a large outdoor event in the past?

DAVID: The only large outdoor show we ever played besides the Boogaloo in 2013 was a weird fest in Davis, CA with a lot of shoegaze bands. It was freezing and they served us pizza with Kraft singles for cheese.

ANDREW: I think we played the Boogaloo in 2013, which was the first year it was in Mosswood Park. That was a super fun show and I am hoping for more of the same. We’re doing some weirdo small gigs including one near our hometown leading up to the Boogaloo. 

TY: We were all about the house party show. Definitely the most fun. I have no clue what the set will be like, probably not on the floor but maybe we could figure something out...We played a couple bigger shows in the past 6 or 7 years. Always a good time. Nothing this big!

Now that you’re a little older and your lives have probably changed a bit…do you guys still skate?

DAVID: Not skating very much down here in LA cause of the heat and everything being so spread out. Try to get myself to San O' or Malibu as much as possible though!!

ANDREW: Nope, I’ve had multiple serious knee injuries. We are all surfers though, I go often. We’re surfing up the coast on the way to the Boogaloo.

TY: I only skate for transportation. But rarely ever. I was always the dude that would break his wrist whilst skating on mushrooms, so I just watch now! We all surf together...

You guys have been working on your individual projects over the last few years, but the Traditional Fools have never broken up, right? Do you guys have any plans on recording again?  

DAVID: Never Broke Up might be the name of our new record.

ANDREW: No plans to do anything else unless you want to help us go to Japan, Aya. 

TY: Never broken up, correct. I'm down for anything...but no plans at the moment...

Lastly, will your amps be blown out on the Burger Boogaloo stage? Like the good old days!

DAVID: Yes! I gave the OG amp, a cap job and set up the old Tele again!

ANDREW: I don’t think so, but would that really be Traditional Fools show if something didn’t break? We’re all about that moment before everything falls apart. WE ARE DEVO. 

TY: Dave got his old amp working again and Andrew has his secret fuzz pedal...which is the secret weapon. So it'll sound the exact same! But I bought a double kick pedal so we'll see.

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