Interview with SHANNON SHAW

Interview with SHANNON SHAW by The Most Exalted Bishop Booger-X

We’re all totally starstruck by HUNX & HIS PUNX here @ Boogaloo HQ! Now this is a band that’s simply bursting with talent --- Frankie’s Frankenstein, real toughie Erin on drums, Shannon’s totally ace accompaniment and the undeniable magnetism and maverick showmanship of Hunx himself……It’s the stuff of sticky dreams! After 5 or so years in hibernation, the whole gang is back, starving for shenanigans and itchin’ to cream every pair of jeans at this year’s soiree. Expect some top-tier racket from the gang: golden make-out anthems, punky danger-noize, sugar-smack pop --- they’ll pump ‘em out and leave you in a puddle of your own juice! We contacted the fantastic Miss Shannon Shaw and asked for her take on the latest & greatest Punx-related news. Read on for the full lowdown on the tough glamour, absurd sexiness and true gutter genius of Hunx & His Punx!

You’ve just returned to the Hunx & His Punx fold after 5 years. Any particular reason for getting the gang back together again? How’s everything taking shape this go-around?

Marcos just asked us if we wanted to reunite and YES, WE DID. I think there is no better place to come back together than this big ol’ nasty, beloved festival.

Hunx seems to thrive on mid-set pranking and general interference. Did you and the rest of the Punx lay out any ground rules for this Boogaloo performance? Any absolute no-no’s or gross off-limits antics that you’ve permanently banned?

It's hard to know what ground rules to lay down…With the ones that have crossed the line, the outcome was so bad that we all know to never do them again!!!!!! So it’s NO PORK RINDS hidden in people's stuff and NEVER HACK ANYONES FACEBOOK AND POST MEAN STUFF!

What are the pros and cons of being “The Baby Of The Band”?

Being the baby of the band is more like being the annoying lil’ sis! I can't think of any pros or cons, haha…

Those zits in the “Bad Skin” video…startling. What was that day in the make-up chair like? Your handling of the acne horror was masterful & awards-worthy…

It was great! The makeup artist was so cool and had done tons of Hollywood stars’ makeup. She gave me the dirt on who is a dick and who is an angel! The only juicy tidbit that I'll divulge is she loved PAUL REUBENS…She said he was so nice and funny!

One can’t help but notice how busy you’ve been with SHANNON & THE CLAMS. What’s the latest Clammy news?

We have a new album called ONION out and CODY HAD A BABY!!!!!!!!!! Baby Arlo is my new best friend and according to Punkette Amy (and mother of Arlo), we are hella compatible according to our astrological charts. We’re both Geminis as well! BIG BEEFY NEWS!!!!!

Big-time congratulations to you for completing your debut solo album, Shannon In Nashville! How has that whole journey been? It sounds wonderful…

Thank you so much! Yeah, a journey it has been! The gentlemen I played with on the record were hands down the best part. I got so many juicy tidbits from them too about playing with all these legends! They have hilarious tour and session stories that are mind blowing because they're talking about my heroes like ROY ORBISON, ELVIS, CONWAY TWITTY, etc. These stories made me look at them as larger than life, unreal titans, but then moments later, they'll rib each other and do a stupid secret dance just because they're caffeinated and having fun, just like me and Cody or Hunx. It reminds me that they are just silly teens like us. I love being reminded and humbled over and over again.

I think it’s safe to say that you’re an absolute queen-bee every year @ Burger Boogaloo --- you’ve been along for the festival’s entire journey. Any specific moments or performances that really knocked you out? Anything you’re especially pumped about this year?

I think i've cried on stage the last three years…Shit!!! Anyway, it's such an important festival! It’s grown slowly and carefully and every year it’s so so so great. I am really proud of Marcos for all his hard work! Obviously, The Burger Boys too, but Marcos doesn't get quite enough applause for what he has pulled off. We started this fest off in warehouses and tiny bars! Now look! People come from all over the world. Is this real life? This festival is only 3 blocks away from me, on the lawn where I read my books in the sun! Is this real life? Iggy was UNREAL. I can't believe I saw that. Zero disappointment factor, 100% pleased. I still love GIORGIO MURDERER’s set! It was so hot and he really committed to his look. I am so incredibly excited to see DEVO, of course. I saw them do a Hardcore DEVO set in LA a few years back and I saw them play at Lollapalooza 1996 with THE RAMONES, SOUNDGARDEN and METALLICA!!! I love that this band of weird nerds busted through and remains beloved for eternity! Let’s get some more weird nerds busting through!!!!!

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