Long touted as the Van Halen of Oakland, Battleship have reunited to teach us a lesson we didn't know we asked for. An elegant smorgasbord of all things heavy, there is no rhyme or reason to the way they operate, no sense to make of the nonsense they spew out. You know the adage, "Let the rhythm take you"? That might not be such a good idea while they're on stage.


Devo are a group of aural incendiaries who began their assault on the status-quo in 1973. Hailing from Akron, Ohio, they coined a theory of “De-Evolution”, and named their group, Devo, after it. They invaded your skull with hits like “Whip-It”, “Jocko Homo” and “Working in a Coalmine”, and now they’ll conquer your heart. Don’t miss them at this years Burger Boogaloo!

The Damned

The Damned snuck out of their sarcophagus while the “powers that be” were busy power-that-being. After setting their sights on the Boogaloo, no one is safe from The Damned. Among the first wave of British punk bands, The Damned have moved ghouls and ghosts for 40 years with songs like “New Rose”, “Neat Neat Neat” and “Smash It Up”. Get yer hexes ready.


Apparently we didn’t have enough offensive acts booked for the Boogaloo, so we added Dwarves for good measure. While many of our other acts dip their toes in the offensive, Dwarves bathe in it. How does that phrase go? “Come for the show, stay for the spectacle”? Pretty sure that was coined by one of their fans.


As proud global ambassadors, we at the Burger Boogaloo understand that rock-'n'-roll owns every square inch of the earth. To prove this, we've brought the high-whining guitar virtuosos Firestarter all the way from Japan. Scientists will be on hand to delicately study the experience of music from the other side of the world, but we can already tell you the result of their findings: BADASS POWERPOP!

The Flakes

Just for all you Mummies, fans, out there, we’re making Russel Quan do double duty this year. That sounds really awful, but it turns into a good deal for you. You get the Mummies on Saturday and The Flakes on Sunday. But if these guys flake on Sunday, at least you’ll also be Damned and Ripped Off.


The Flytraps are not the horticulturists you might take them to be. Rather than cultivating pretty plants and healthy gardens, they cultivate heavy fuzz infused surf punk. They’re not related to the Traditional Fools, but did film their first video at T-Street, on both sides of the tracks.

The Francis Lau Experience

Francis Lau makes baby Mozart look like the shit-sniveling kid he is. An experience in every sense of the word, Francis Lau is like, 9? and making better music than you ever have. He also dresses better than you. Basically, watching The Francis Lau Experience at the Boogaloo will be like watching every wrong move you made in your life if it turned out right. Live vicariously through the success of Francis’ youth! At this point, it’s the best chance you’ve got at happiness.


Some think Italians do it better, and at the Boogaloo, you’ll get a chance to see if that’s true. Giuda are making their way from Rome to remind us just how indebted we all are to the 70s. The aural manifestation of a roller derby, Giuda are ready to make you blush more than Farah Fawcett.

Gris Gris

Gris Gris have reassembled from the disparate corners of Oakland (and Oregon) at precisely the moment we need them. In these desperate times, we're willing to accept desperate heroes, and this neo-psych quartet has plenty to offer. With a sound like Donovan at the gates of Hell, Gris Gris are ready to usher the Boogaloo in to an era of sickened darkness.

Hunx and His Punx

The romantic portion of the Boogaloo, Hunx & His Punx are ready to make you swoon with their infectious blend of bubblepunk. Hailing from our very own Bay Area, don’t be surprised if Hunx & His Punx conjure up memories of young love, malt shop dates, and the emotions you lost when you began your soul-crushing professional career.

Le Shok

20 years ago, Le Shok made the best records, had the craziest shows, and then disappeared off the face of the planet. Where did they go? We’ve spent the last decade searching the corners of the world for them, and then it happened! We found them, and forced them to re-unite at this years Burger Boogaloo. Can’t wait!


Being the lone grunge act at the Boogaloo means Mudhoney gets every flannel joke we’ve got. A mainstay of your high school’s parking lot in the 90s, Mudhoney is gonna light up the Boogaloo stage. Make sure your eardrums are ready, cuz if our speakers survive their set, it’ll be a story to share with your grandkids.

The Mummies

The Mummies crawled out of a sarcophagus adjacent to The Damned, wrapped themselves up real nice and got to work violating the noise code. Don’t get confused: these guys are actual mummies, and they’re descending on the Boogaloo stage to wreak havoc on your soul. If you haven’t had the good fortune of seeing them live before, you’ve been forewarned.


Can noise have a southern twang? When the ladies of NOTS take the Boogaloo stage, we’ll find out for sure. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, one thing NOTS do not have is a taste for is moderation. This noise-punk quartet will probably melt your face off. But don’t worry our, EMT’s got you covered.


Renowned organ-grinders THE OKMONIKS return to this year's Boogaloo stage for another merry-go-go-go-round! Guilty of having birthed the likes of THE HEARTLIGHTS and even NOBUNNY, The 'Niks alone hold the antidote to Party Fever: you just gotta jump, gyrate, slam & shimmy around Pleasure Pier 'til it hurts! A surefire can't-miss sunshine set from these devout Boogalooers!

Pookie & The Poodlez

Cher & Co. return for a sloppin’ and boppin’ grande finale! That’s right: Oakland’s bounciest young adults will warm your Boogaloo britches for one LAST SHOW, smashing all our hearts tune by tune, hit by hit, bong rip by bong rip. Tie-Dye your pig tails! Cover your lover in Pookie Smooches! Take that stick outta your bum and shake something! While both EVIL TWINS and TWOMP SAX will proudly and stonily march on, these Poodlez are done-zo after that Boogaloo curtain draws closed! DO NOT MISS the explosive glee of Poodlez Power!

Quintron & Miss Pussycat

Who said the Boogaloo isn’t for kids? With a puppet show that puts our federal government to shame, Quintron & Miss Pussycat are coming all the way from New Orleans to provide some wholesome family fun. Sure, their organ-driven brand of swamp boogie madness might be a bit too edgy for Sesame Street, but those youngsters gotta grow up sometime.

The Rip Offs

The Rip Offs rose from the ashes of Supercharger, The Fingers, and Mr T Experience. This will be their first bay area gig with the original lineup since 1995. Don’t worry, the band still hates each other. They wear masks, drive police vehicles, and hate everything. But you’re gonna love ‘em.

The Spits

After many breakups and makeups, we promised we’d bring them back. It just took a little while, because they’re skateboarding all the way here! That’s right kids, The Spits, are skateboarding here, from 4 different parts of the world. Just so they can play your party! Saturday Night!


A few years ago, Atlanta’s Black Lips graced our stage, but this year, Hotlanta’s, Subsonics, will disgrace it. These Georgia peaches might look sweet, but don’t let them fool you. With nasty hits, like “Frankenstein, and “I think you like It”, you’re guaranteed a good time!

Traditional Fools

For those going to the Boogaloo for the party, The Traditional Fools have got you covered. Formed by Ty Segall, David Fox and Andrew Luttrell in 2008, this band has a singular purpose: to make surf-punk party music. Riding an up-tempo wave of fuzzy garage punk, The Traditional Fools are kinda what their name implies. Bring your best moves, and they’ll be sure to bring the noise.

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